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For more than 130 years, Jockey has led the apparel industry by producing garments that connect with our spirit of adventure. Our legacy, based on ingenuity, vitality and authenticity, celebrates progressive and independent thinking. As a world-class brand, Jockey continues to inspire a renewed sense of individuality and freedom in modern men and women across the world. We have underwear, sportswear, socks, thermals, activewear, loungewear, men’s, women’s and children’s ranges spread across more than 120 countries. When it comes to apparel, no brand is in more markets than Jockey®. Our mission for the Jockey®.

Brand is to establish and maintain a strong, consistent and unique global brand positioning. Jockey® is the only True, Authentic and Original International underwear brand. We first establish our rich heritage, but always bring forward to our modern, relevant positioning for today’s consumer.

For more information please visit our Website: www.jockey.com.pk




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